Monday, 27 June 2016

Poem - A Head Walk

I Now see the way this whole world moves, I've seen people, things.

 I've seen love, hate, friendship and family! They work all hand in hand even as the name implies the opposite.

Of all this and that I discovered people looked so happy but I still find myself numb to all emotional connection.

The Ones you think loves you has always ended up being the one that's going to make the world upside down for you.

 I always thought there wasn't a solution to my "ailment" as I do say to myself, even confidence started to lack.

 Then there was music, the thing about is that Music brings joy,  to all of my heart, It's one of those, emotional arts.

Sounds of melodies, that I truly adore,  Brings me pure pleasure, as my spirits do soar.

Music that touches me, I can't help but smile, I'm free to choose, genre or style.

Music clearly, enlightens my days,  Makes me happy happy, in so many ways.

But still not enough to give me the motivation needed to let my worries lay low.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

I know happiness is coming this way up to me and I'm ready to be happy in any situation I find myself in.