Effective Reading skills


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Ø Producing the result that is wanted, intended.
Ø Successful result.
Effective reading thereby means reading with a purpose, an intention to achieve something from the text being read.
--To Note--
Ø Academic reading should not be seen as a passive activity, but an active process that leads to the development of learning.
Ø Reading for learning requires a conscious effort to make links, understand opinions, research and apply what you learn to your studies.
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Academic reading therefore means understanding the author’s interpretation of reality, which may be very different from our own.
Reading types
*we read to gain factual info- for practical use e.g. reading your notice board, timetable.
*we read fiction to be entertained, depending on the reader.
*when reading academic textbooks, notes and journals, read to interpret and analyze.
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Strategies for reading academic text
Before reading
1.     Think about your reasons for reading the text.
          <Each reason will influence the way you read>
2.     Look at the title, headline, any sub-headings, photo or illustrations.
          <Use this to predict what the text will be about (the topic)>
3.     Think about what you already know on this topic.
4.     Write down what you would like to find out from the text.
          <You could write actual questions you would like answers to>
5.     Make a note of words or phrases connected with the topic that you may find in the text.
When reading
       I.            Survey the text: first and last paragraph mostly, then all; do you have a general idea of the structure of the text? What the different parts are about?
    II.            Identify your purpose for reading the text.
          *if you are looking for specific information.
                   <Read the part where you feel this information will be>
          *if you want a general idea of the whole text, read the whole text>
Note- in both cases ignore words or sections you don’t immediately understand.
          *you should now have a general idea of what the text is about.
 III.            Write down in one or two sentences;
-what you think the main ideas are
-how logical it is to you
IV.            Do a second more careful reading; marking any new words that maybe important for your understanding.
          *check the main idea and revise what you wrote if necessary.
After reading
       i.            Evaluate what you have read.

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