Thursday, 30 March 2017

Rebirth Of Alkebulan: What if…..?

Rebirth Of Alkebulan: What if…..?:

What if…..?

What if all men were black?

What if what if people will stop seeing dark people as ‘BLACK’?

What if the world powers were black?

What if the world was ruled by blacks?

What if Martin L. King Jnr. Became president?

What if AB Lincoln never won the war for emancipation?

What if blacks could forget racism and slave the era?

What if they would never forget?

What if Hitler was black?

What if Osama bin Laden was black?

What if black nations own nuclear asylums?

What if there is an ‘Organization of Black Nations’?

What if all expatriates returned to Alkebu-lan?

What if black nations hold the veto sits in the U.N councils?

What if the black slaves gained total freedom and became a nation on their own?

What if the word ‘black’ was the ‘positive’ instead being held with the negative notion?

What if millions didn’t die from trans-atlantic slavery and forced labor?

What if there was never a ‘one drop rule’?

What if there was no ‘stolen generations’ in Australia?

What if blacks look at themselves as saviors of the world?

What if there was no invites to Nova Scotia?

What if Rosa Parks moved to the back of the bus?

What if black people really are different?

What if black people really think differently?

What if black leaders will think of their people first?

What if black skin was immune to torture?

What if Ralph Buche’s first employer knew he was black before giving him the job?

What if Lewis Latimer didn’t invent the carbon filament for the light bulb?

What if black people will create and perfect a new form of government?


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