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Being Spiritual i


By Destine
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Spirituality is the concept of an alleged immateriality; an inner path enabling a person to discover the soul or essence of his/her being.
…Michelle Alva
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The concept of spiritualism is often vague to most people, while some choose to ignore its existence some try but don’t just seem to make sense of it. If you fall into the group of those that ignore it then as the saying goes ‘you cannot run from yourself’. If you fall into the latter, then you’re not alone in your plight, for a lot of people try to but still cannot make sense of it but you are on the right track once you are trying to understand it.
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Listed below are 12 steps to know you are spiritual, although you might not know it;

1)    You try to think happy thoughts.
Thoughts are energy – where attention goes, energy flows. If you’re seeking to maintain a positive mindset, you’re naturally already praying …to what or whom, you may not know. But without even knowing it, you’re creating a message that’s sent out into the energy of the Universe and being invited back into your own experience.
2)    You gaze at the stars.
Fascinated by something greater than you are, the phenomenon of creation is as mysterious and beautiful as the stars. You can’t help but feel awe and inspiration with your back pressed to a wavy mat of grass, staring into the cosmos which is truly is a reflection of the light within. If you find stillness in the grandeur of the universe, you are experiencing a ‘wave’ of spirituality; you’re connecting to a truth deep within, and calming the ego which claims there is such thing as separation.
3)    You offer a helping hand.
“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”  Recognized as the Law of Abundance, the Golden Rule, as well as the message of Karma, this fundamental teaching extends beyond tradition and religion. The principle teaching is to embrace that you and everything that exists are one. Therefore, the actions you inflict upon another will in return be cast unto you. Naturally a do-gooder? You’re more in the flow than you think.
4)    You feel serenity in Nature
We are nature – there is no separation. So the fact that you naturally feel drawn to explore and experience more of the woodlands, ocean, or flowing prairies is a sign you’re tapped in more than you think. Many lessons can be derived from ‘be-ing’ in the stillness, and that is one of nature’s greatest gifts.
5)    You follow your guided Intuition
Intuition is the recognition of your highest self and the ‘plan’ behind it all. It can be the voice of ‘reason’, the essence of ‘God’, or your own realized truth. Whatever you decide to ‘label’ it as, it helps you identify positive and negative emotions, and, in effect, map your karma.
6)    You Seek Truth – In All Situations
“And the truth will set you free…” says John in the Bible. Whatever ones religious orientation, the belief that truth is essential in living a well-balanced life and creating an existence of meaning is accepted in many cultures around the world. You cannot form healthy, sustainable relationships unless you are honest with yourself and others; likewise, you cannot build a house on shaky foundation. Truth IS an integral part of being aware of who you are, and when you seek it you explore the vastness which ‘is’ all.
7)    You honor life
Albert Einstein said: “There are two ways of looking at the world, one as if everything is a miracle, and second, as if nothing is”. Either way of perceiving the world influences your mindset and expectation for life. If you choose to honor this experience and be present with the true miracle that is life and the complexity required to create this universe, then you are honoring all you have been given. Likewise, your personal self requires appreciation of just how wonderful a reflection you are in this universe.
So if you’re aware that this reality you’re experiencing is a gift and you choose to honor yourself and be present, you are indeed engaging in a very spiritual perception.
8)    You’re appreciative of the smallest bug to the largest animal.
Buddhists recognize that the flowing life through all creatures – bugs to mammals, reptiles to birds – is equal, no matter size. This doesn’t mean one who adopts this philosophy is vegetarian, there are many facets to that choice, but it does mean that one who adopts this viewpoint has a deeper appreciation for the life of all.
Native Americans were known to give thanks to the spirit of an animal after slaughtering it, bestowing blessings on the life they took and in return invoking grace from their actions. If you choose to honor even the tiniest bug on your computer screen such as you would respect a horse or another living individual, you are very well engaging your spirituality.
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9)    You recognize the power of forgiveness
It’s a simple lesson that’s been passed down, forgive thy neighbor, but has deeper purpose than most people realize. More for the individual who needs to forgive, holding on to negative emotions and burying one’s pain into past memories keeps the individual out of the now and disconnected from the source of all energy. Similarly, harboring bad energy and ill intentions can create energetic imbalances, later manifesting as physical symptoms according to Chinese Medicine.
To be in the flow and feeling your best, it truly is a good idea to let go of those whom have trespassed against you in the past, send them peace, and move on into the future. You may already be seeking to do this in your own life or asking for help from a friend, family member, or counselor. In this action, you are benefiting your spirituality, even unknowing, because it will beneficially impact your life.
10)                       You strive to detach from Drama
Gossip, worry, stress, and violence among many lower-vibration patterns keep one wrapped up in the ego, away from the true self, and more importantly, away from more fulfilling activities and the source of all energy. In the “Celestine Prophecy”, it is mentioned that 2,000 years ago the Mayans foretold that humans of this age would wake up to the fact that they are energetic beings, and engaging in lower energy forms of vibration is literally sucking the energy out of others.
Ever feel drained when you’re around an individual who wants to dump their problems on you, mope, intimidate, or interrogate you? This is an example of an energetic vampire, and a clear picture of what happens when one is not connected to the true source of Energy, which you could call God.
If you’re naturally seeking a way out of dramatic settings and looking for higher energy activities that leave you feeling restored, refreshed, and happy, you’re naturally calling spirituality into your life.
11)                       Travel is appealing
Human life is experience to better understand and reflect the many contrasts of divinity, sage’s say. So if your heart is passionate for travel, in a way you feel called to experience more and gain fluent contrast of this world while observing the intricacies it holds. Whatever reason you feel guided to venture to unknown lands, to you it’s a calling which resonates in a place which cannot be placed, a personal passion you follow.
An example of how this shows your inherent spirituality is you seek to experience even more reflection of the cosmos and in example gain more fulfillment from all you are a part of.
12)                       You have a heart of humor
The three rules of the universe, some say, are Change, Paradox, and Humor.) Life is a big ball of confusion, mystery, amazing-ness, and sometimes humility, but it all depends on how you look at it. The most important lesson psychologists and scientists are beginning to find out is that you are in control of your mind.  You are more than your thoughts, but by choosing to change your focus and what you dwell on, you start to see things a bit differently. (Wayne Dyer). In effect this allows perception to change, and if you can switch your viewpoints from what you were taught as a young individual, you can illuminate new possibilities and truly engage in a futurist mindset, no limits to the potential of the human intellect or this world.
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Embracing the humor of life, the many shades that this world casts, you are again, unknowingly, growing more into your spirituality.
Not by any means are the signs that you are unknowingly spiritual limited to these twelve, nor does this mean you should go jet to the nearest convent (unless that’s supremely appealing to you)… instead, pick and choose what you wish to take from this article. If it’s inspiring to think that deep down you already show the signs of a connected human being, search for more.
It could be opinion, but as energetic beings, you can’t help but be spiritual to a point, as the incredibly amazing and difficult-to-comprehend matter of this universe is just as amazing as you.


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